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*No copyright infringement intended.
Hugo Castillo & HUGO Entertainment LLC own no rights to any of the music uploaded herein & elsewhere.

**The likenesses, vocal & instrumental performances portrayed herein are the intelectual performer's property of the artists in these videos or photographs.
Said material is protected by law and permissible to portray per verbal or written agrement among some of the parties aforementioned.**

*"QU4TRO! Hollywood Opera Stars in Concert!" is a group solely owned & operated by Hugo Castillo, DBA
HUGO ENTERTAINMENT LLC, a registered business entity, licenced to operate by the State of Kansas & the Kansas Secretary of State and it's registered with the Internal Revenue Service.(FED)

United States of America, 🇺🇸 2019

the artists, guest artists and singers identified herein are not on a permanent roster and may be subject to substitution at any time

**Emanne Beasha's appearance with QU4TRO! was an exclusive engagement between HUGO Entertainment LLC and United Talent Agency LTD. QU4TRO! has no artist' rights over Emanne Beasha beyond those rights agreed upon on their formal contractual agreement.
Emanne Beasha is an artist currently performing with United Talent Agency, LTD.**

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