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QU4TRO! Hollywood Opera Stars in Concert
Hollywood Opera Stars in Concert

The hottest concept in opera entertainment today! This isn't your grandparents' opera! QU4TRO! Is bold, beautiful, dynamic, upbeat, never boring, audibly, visually attractive, educational & purely entertaining!

The possibilities are endless with many entertainment fee choices to fit your ideal event and budget


The best part is that QU4TRO! is not only opera. It's far from it! You will enjoy a swift, not boring journey into opera's greatest hits: immortal arias, duets, trios & all-time favorite ensemble numbers. Plus, the best of Broadway classics, contemporary crossover, jazz, Spanish, patriotic, holiday, sacred music and so much more! (even QUEEN).
QU4TRO! was the result of its initial 4 members: three beautiful, amazingly talented yet equally contrasting sopranos, plus Hugo (thus, the name).
QU4TRO! then evolved into 5 singers, a pianist and strings but its appeal stems from the all the multiple combinations the public and clients can get.
QU4TRO! singing QUEEN
QU4TRO! Founder
Hugo Castillo & AGT's 2019 finalist, Emanne Beasha singing 'The Prayer'

QU4TRO has proudly featured America's Got Talent's finalist and golden buzzer winner, 11 year old singing sensation, Emanne Beasha.
QU4TRO's latest concert collaborations, underwritten by a private client group and the casino entertainment group in Nevada, have been smashing sold out successes. Happy audiences hailed QU4TRO! and anxiously await for more and more repeat performances. Next concert and nationwide tour coming soon.
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Hugo Castillo

QU4TRO! Is conceptualized and created by its founder, Hollywood up & coming opera entertainment star, operatic tenor, Hugo Castillo.

Hugo's objective is to bring the same QU4TRO! Vegas, Hollywood unforgettable experience to your private, school, family or corporate events, as well as all your fundraisers, musical galas, civic, sporting & religious holiday events in California, throughout the United States & abroad.


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